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Koordynator projektu
Infovide - Matrix S.A.
ul. Kolejowa 5/7
01-217 Warszawa
tel.(48 22) 534 74 00 - 01
fax (48 22) 534 74 02
Inni partnerzy :
  • Polska Biblioteka Internetowa
  • TiP Sp. z o.o.
  • Synapse Développement SARL
  • Priberam Informática Lda.
  • Expert System S.p.A.
  • Národni knihovna České republiky
  • Vysoká ąkola ekonomická v Praze

    Infovide-Matrix (Coordinator) [up]

    Infovide - Matrix is one of the leading Polish IT service providers. It is a joint stock company well established and duly registered in Poland . The company provides services in IT project management as well as advisory services in architectures of information strategies, IT systems development, project team work organisation, and design tools as well as training and advisory services aiming at transferring knowledge necessary to use these tools efficiently. We also develop dedicated turn-key systems ourselves and integrate existing systems at customers' sites. Customers of Infovide - Matrix are commercial and public organizations developing complex IT systems crucial for their operations, including banks, telecom operators, media, government etc.

    Infovide - Matrix focus is on the use of modern information technology for satisfying business needs of their clients. The idea of IT and business coherence determines areas of our interests and ventures. Infovide - Matrix provides advice to customers' own IT personnel how to meet market economy challenges. Knowledge transfer and modern technologies are used to meet these objectives. Infovide - Matrix has strategic partnerships with the leading vendors of professional IT solutions, which enables to offer best tools and methods for system development.

    Services offered:
    • project management,
    • drafting IT strategies.
    • assessing business effectiveness of IT projects
    • software process improvement and quality assurance,
    • analysis and design of e-business systems architectures,
    • development and integration of IT systems,
    • data warehousing,
    • web portal development,
    • deployment of MRP II systems.


    One of the departments of Infovide - Matrix is a dedicated Project Management Office, which is a pivotal element of two fundamental processes:

    • Project Planning and Execution
    • Knowledge Management process
    On a high level, Project Management Office serves as an agent supporting the implementation of Infovide - Matrix Quality, Knowledge Management and Operational Excellence strategies in Infovide - Matrix projects. Project Management Office employs most experienced, Infovide - Matrix consultants on a permanent (full-time) basis. The staff includes:
    • Project Management Office Director
    • Knowledge Manager
    • Chief Auditor
    • Chief Researcher
    • Information Resources Analyst
    • two Permanent Auditors
    The Project Management Office uses other Infovide - Matrix consultants as quality reviewers, experts, knowledge contributors etc, on non-permanent basis, according to the current needs.

    International References:
    • European Commission, Brussels (BE), ICONS - Intelligent Content Management System project (IST-2001-32429) - partner responsible for the knowledge-based content management application design methodology (project description: http://www.icons.rodan.pl)
    • European Radiocommunications Office, Copenhagen (DK), PHARE 9511 project - development of the functional specification and technological concept of the international system supporting managing electromagnetic frequency of transmitters in Central and Eastern Europe
    • World Bank, Washington D.C. (US) - design and business planning for the Poland Development Gateway part of the worldwide initiative (http://www.pldg.pl)
    • Onet.pl (the biggest Polish horizontal Internet portal), Kraków (PL) - development of an Internet mall (http://pasaz.onet.pl)
    • Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (operator of the ERA GSM mobile telephony network, the biggest GSM network in CEECs with 4.5 million subscribers), Warszawa (PL) - development of "Omnix" - non-voice services platform (platform description: http://www.eraomnix.pl/index/welcome.jsp)
    • Nordea Bank Polska, Gdynia (PL) - development of an Internet banking system "Solo" for the Polish branch of Nordea (https://www.nordeasolo.pl/en-index.html)
    • Kredyt Bank, Warszawa (PL) - development of an Internet banking system (https://www.kb24.pl/LoginServlet)
    • Supreme Auditing Chamber (PL) - design of "Rules and information investment audit methodology" to be used when auditing IT spending in the public sector institutions
    • State Election Office (PL) - various projects since 1997 including technical specification of the IT systems architecture for support elections and collecting data, audit, quality control and assurance as well as development of management rules, organization, planning and control of this project and supervision of the system during election procedures
    • Best Service Company 2000, Enterprise of the New Millennium competition organised by the Polish Euro-Info Centres Network under the auspices of the EC Delegation to Poland and the Polish Ministry of Economy
    • Vendor of the IT System of the Year 2001 for the implementation of the internet banking system at Nordea Bank Polska S.A., awarded by PCKurier and Tele.net Forum
    • Investor in Human Capital 2001 and 2002, competition organised by the Social Research Laboratory, Institute of Management and the Association of the Polish Industry, Trade and Finances
    Main research areas:
    • IT productivity,
    • business intelligence,
    • e-business solutions and architectures,
    • enterprise resource and relationship planning,
    • IT management.

    Research co-operation:

    University of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow (PL), Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PL), Poznań University of Technology (PL), Centro di Ingegneria Economica e Sociale (IT), University of Ulster (UK), University Paris 9 Dauphine (FR).

    Infovide - Matrix S.A.
    ul. Kolejowa 5/7
    01-217 Warszawa
    ph.: +(48-22) 534 74 00, 534 74 01
    fax: +(48-22) 534 74 02

    Contact person:
    Borys Czerniejewski Director,
    International Liaison Office
    ph.: +(48-22) 534 74 50

    Nicholas Copernicus Library in Toruń [up]

    operator of the Polish Internet Library (PBI) [up]

    The Nicholas Copernicus Library of Toruń is one of the oldest and the biggest Polish libraries and the oldest one in Region of Pomerania. It was established in 1596 as a municipal library and re-established in 1923.

    Recently, the Nicholas Copernicus Library of Toruń is the first public library in Poland holding the certificate of quality system of management - ISO 9001. The Library collection comprises ca. 800 000 items and consists of three main parts:
    • Historical collections - Prussica, Copernicana, Pomeranica
    • Pomeranian periodicals,
    • General research and popular collection
    The Library provides information services concerning catalogues and bibliographies and also offers specialized information services through:
    • Pomerania Regional Information Service - offers clients a rich regional books collection concerning the Pomerania region written in the 19th and 20th centuries.
    • Regional Innovation Transfer Centre - gives access to the sources of every innovative and advanced knowledge such as patents, standards or certifications for SME's,
    • European Information Centre - collects, and renders accessible to clients, its data on the structure and the law of the European Union. It also initiates and conducts activities popularising the Union among the public.
    The Library fulfils the functions of:
    • a coordination and consultation of the regional library system,
    • management of the projects - Polish Internet Library, IKONKA,
    • co-operation on the Regional Innovation Strategy KUJAWY-POMORZE

    The library, as the very first one in Poland, has an operating system, for the digitalisation of the library and archival items. We are able to apply the most reliable, dual medium, protection system, to help rescue collections are threatened with destruction due to either natural disasters or air pollution. We use a contemporary inoffensive microfilm camera to file the data on microfilm, then the data is scanned and recorded on CD-ROM.

    Polska Biblioteka Internetowa
    Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna - Ksi±żnica Kopernikańska

    ul. Słowackiego 8
    87-100 Toruń
    ph.: +(48-56) 622 57 01
    fax: +(48-56) 622 57 13

    Contact person:
    Teresa E. Szymorowska
    ph.: +(48-56) 622 57 01

    TiP sp. z o.o. (TIP) [up]

    TiP was founded in 1991 in Katowice, Poland as company wholly dedicated to natural language research and software development. The main research areas have been related to parsing, summarising, disambiguation and machine translation. TiP had started its marketing activity in 1992 with COR and CorWinTM stand-alone spell checkers and became the market leader for the computer linguistic technology in Poland. It has made a number of dictionaries and software to process the Polish language. CorWinTM Polish engines had been licensed to Microsoft Corporation, Corel/WordPerfect and Lotus in years 1992-2001. TiP's Polish proofing was considered in 1993 as the best software of the year by PCkurier magazine, as well as got Golden Medal at Softrag '92 Fair in Katowice, Poland.

    TiP has permanent staff of eight people and regularly works on the contractual basis with a group of some dozen of external collaborators, from academia and small IT companies, who do specific tasks in linguistics, programming and testing. Research and development personnel have qualifications in linguistics, statistics, terminology, knowledge discovery in documents as well as very good technical skills concerning multiplatform computing. For almost ten years now TiP is an example of the Network Company which main capital is the knowledge and the technology. This model is intentional from the very start - TiP was intended to be an idea workshop and network company rather than brick and mortar one.

    Since 1995 TiP cooperated with TELRI (Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure - Copernicus Concerted Action 1202) - a European Commission-funded initiative which is creating a viable infrastructure between leading European language and language technology centres in order to provide a platform for industry, research institutes and universities and to supply the NLP community with public domain language resources.

    TiP sp. z o.o.
    ul. Ceglana 4
    40-514 Katowice
    ph./fax: +(48) 32 205 41 84

    Contact person:
    Piotr W. Fuglewicz

    Synapse Développement (SYN) [up]

    Synapse Développement is a French company of software development. It is based in Toulouse, a major European centre for research in computer science.

    Since 1994, Synapse Développement concentrates its resources and its expertise with the innovation and the development of leading edge technologies of Natural Language Processing. Synapse Development is today one of the main actors of this exploding market.

    Leader on the market of spell check, grammatical check and advanced analysis of text, our efforts have been dedicated for four years on the creation of a semantic multilingual search engine. This technology uses an intelligent analysis of texts to find a proper answer to user's questions in a multilingual context. This technology is able to analyze a user's question in Portuguese, build an internal representation of its sense and find an answer in Italian in a corpus or on the Web.

    Synapse markets its products through software licenses for standalone applications (Cordial) or through EOM licenses (Microsoft, AFP, Encyclopedia Universalis, Invention

    Machine, Telelangue). Our products are multilingual. They are used in various types of applications: Word processors, OCR, WebMail or search engine in an Intranet context.

    Synapse Développement is one of the founding members of the Natural Language Understanding Consortium (NLUC), an international group of linguistic technology experts in five main European languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish).

    Synapse Développement SARL
    33 rue Maynard
    F - 31000 Toulouse
    ph.: +(33-561) 636 990
    fax: +(33) 561 630 287

    Contact person:
    Dominique Laurent
    ph.: +(33-561) 621 570

    Priberam Informática (PRI) [up]

    Priberam was founded in 1989 in Lisbon, Portugal. The company started its work on linguistics technologies in 1993 and today is the leading supplier of Portuguese language technologies. Parts of its technology have been licensed to companies like Microsoft, Unisys and Protec. The tools developed by the company are considered essential and a "must" in any editorial system implemented at the major Portuguese Newspapers. Although Priberam started working only in European Portuguese, today most of the work is done for the two major variants of Portuguese (European and Brazilian).

    Information retrieval is another key area of the company which developed products like electronic dictionaries (both on CD and on the Internet), multimedia encyclopaedias and law databases.

    Thanks to the expertise in software design and development together with the analysis and consultancy services the company can provide, Priberam also develops information systems for large corporations like Portugal Telecom, Marconi, ONI, the Portuguese Air Force or the Justice Ministry.

    Between 2001 and 2003 Priberam participated in the 5 th FP TRUST project during which the company linguistic resources and search technologies for Portuguese dramatically improved. The results of the project and the work done in the last six months are currently being shown to a number of key customers in order to integrate them in some of the most important search engines, sites and intranets in Portugal.

    Priberam Informática Lda.
    av. Defensores de Chaves, 32 - 3° Esq.
    1000-119 Lisboa
    ph.: +(351) 21 781 72 60
    fax: +(351) 21 781 72 79

    Contact person:
    Carlos Amaral
    ph.: +(351) 21 781 72 60

    Expert System S.p.A. (ExpSys) [up]

    Expert System has been operating in the field of linguistics since 1989. The only Italian reality to have supplied Microsoft Ô with advanced technologies integrated in all its main products, Expert System turns linguistics into its own core business to create successful products. After many years' experience in the development of software for the consumer market, it has turned to the market of business solutions.

    Information, concepts, simplicity and effectiveness: these are the leading principles behind the Expert System team. That is to say, understanding language and concepts, thus making information access quick, effective and easy for all users. How? By developing the best linguistic technology on the market, for the comprehension of the language also in its conceptual aspects.

    The company consists of four divisions: eCRM, Knowledge Management & Text Mining, Language solutions and services, as well as Translation technologies. These four divisions are characterized by the same concern in advanced language technologies which allow an intelligent processing of everyday language.

    Within Expert System, a team of professional linguists, programmers, language engineers, work at developing Cogito â , a linguistic platform able to "understand" the semantic aspects of language and provide a conceptual representation of the meanings.

    Thanks to Cogito ®, Expert System develops solutions which allow automatic text analysis, quick information retrieval, document classification, automatic mail sorting and automatic interpretation of natural language. Cogito â and its related products have already various and important applications in the Internet world, in Contact Centres and within business information systems. Among the customers we find the most important editorial, financial, insurance and TLC realities.

    Cogito ®, is the Expert System linguistic platform that allows complex textual analysis for the elaboration of concepts. The knowledge base of natural language, Cogito O is a scalable and customisable technology that can be employed in the elaboration of contents belonging to any sector.

    Sensigrafo, entirely developed by Expert System, is a semantic net structured on a conceptual basis instead of being alphabetically ordered as traditional dictionaries are. Within this structure words, geographical names, names of people, etc. are connected in semantic knots, so that each term can be linked to the characteristics and the meanings of the connected terms. Within such a structured net, each word represents a concept.

    National Library fulfils the functions of
    • a research and study library, open to the public, with a wide range of themes, historically formed mainly on the basis of university fields of study,
    • a national library, i.e. it collects, preserves and makes available complete set of documents of national production, as well as so called Bohemica from abroad, and performs tasks of the National Bibliographical Agency,
    • a coordination, consultation and research centre of the national library system
    • a partner of foreign libraries and scientific and cultural organizations within cooperation projects

    In the subject access area the National Library of the Czech Republic is responsible for creation of the Subject authority file - an integrated indexing and retrieval tool in which verbal (controlled) terms are mapped to the UDC equivalent notations and Multilingual controlled vocabulary (MSAC).

    Expert System S.p.A.
    Via Virgilio 56/Q
    I - 41100 Modena
    ph.: +(39) 059 894 011
    fax: +(39) 059 894 099

    Contact person:
    Francesco A. Danza
    ph.: +(39) 335 421 716,

    National Library of the Czech Republic (NLP) [up]

    The National Library of the Czech Republic is the biggest and one of the oldest Czech libraries. The Library is a member of the Universal Decimal Classification Consortium (http://www.udcc.org/). The Library collection comprises ca. 6 million items and consists of three main parts:
    • National conservation archive of Bohemica, included those from abroad, and Slovacica up to 1992,
    • General research collection, containing both Czech and foreign material focused on humanities, social and natural sciences, and
    • special collections, i.e. historical collection, music materials, Slavonic library, information material on librarianship, etc.

    National Library fulfils the functions of

    • a research and study library, open to the public, with a wide range of themes, historically formed mainly on the basis of university fields of study,
    • a national library, i.e. it collects, preserves and makes available complete set of documents of national production, as well as so called Bohemica from abroad, and performs tasks of the National Bibliographical Agency,
    • a coordination, consultation and research centre of the national library system
    • a partner of foreign libraries and scientific and cultural organizations within cooperation projects

    In the subject access area the National Library of the Czech Republic is responsible for creation of the Subject authority file – an integrated indexing and retrieval tool in which verbal (controlled) terms are mapped to the UDC equivalent notations and Multilingual controlled vocabulary (MSAC).

    Národní knihovna České republiky
    Klementinum 190
    110 01 Praha 1
    ph.: +(420) 221 663 111
    fax: +(420) 222 220 370

    Contact person:
    Bohdana Stoklasová, Ph. D.
    Director for Library Collections and Services
    ph.: +(420) 221 663 293

    University of Economics, Prague (UEP) [up]

    UEP is the sixth largest Czech university, founded in 1953. It consists of six faculties. The Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE) is organisational part of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, and was founded in 1990. DIKE has seven full-time members, several part-time members, and about 15 PhD students. Its main areas of research and education are knowledge technology, internet technology and full-text information systems.

    In the area of knowledge technology, DIKE is recognised for its research in knowledge discovery in databases and knowledge modelling (esp. ontology engineering), with majority of applications in business and medicine. It participated in several EC projects, such as Medical Guideline Technology (4FP, 1998-2001), Data Mining and Decision Support for Business Competitiveness (5FP, 2000-2002), as well as network projects such as MLnet (1994-1997), MLnet II (1999-2000), KDnet (2002-2004), EUNITE (2001-2004) OntoWeb (2001-2004) or VISION (2002-2003). DIKE developed its own approaches to association discovery (LISp-Miner http://lispminer.vse.cz), semantic document mark-up and transformation (Stepper, http://euromise.vse.cz/stepper-en) or web information extraction (Rainbow, http://rainbow.vse.cz). DIKE members have leading role in the organisation of the annual Czecho-Slovak knowledge technology conference ("Znalosti"), attended by more than 100 participants from academia and industry.

    In the areas of internet technology and full-text information systems, DIKE participated in several real-world projects aiming at development and maintenance of library information systems, e.g. the development of thesaurus for the Czech Parliament Library, or of the Union catalogue of the Czech Republic , at the Czech National Library. DIKE also developed original methods of natural language processing (machine translation, NL generation).

    Vysoká ąkola ekonomická v Praze
    Nam. W. Churchilla 4
    130 67 Praha 3,
    ph.: +(420) 224 095 407
    fax: +(420) 224 095 400

    Contact person:
    Vilém Sklenák
    Head of Department of Information and System Engineering
    ph.: +(420) 224 095 407